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Writing With Confidence Because ALI

I had a different idea for this post. It was going to go in a completely different direction. Like a 360° spin, go back 360°, and then take a 180° and exit. But… Shit does indeed happen. With the passing

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Will My Character Be Dead Without Agency? (And What The Hell Is Character Agency Anyway?)

I met with a friend the other night and we got to talking about events in one’s life perhaps changing as a direct result of altering one choice or decision. In essence, and metaphorically, the butterfly effect. Without the complete chaos

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The Blank Page Can Suck It

The other day I wrote about The Process you can find it here. It got me to thinking and wondering, back off, I CAN do both, back to a college creative writing class where the prof had us write to

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Why Strong, Lead female Protagonists Are A Good Thing

While I do not, I’ll repeat that, I DO NOT have the full answer to my own blog, I will attempt the following without dismembering said self through a jackfucked example. Herein, I shall explain Why Strong, Lead Female Protagonists Are

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Dear Superhero Movies: NO MAS

Please no more. At least for a while anyway. Maybe take a year hiatus. Let us catch up. Not all of us read comics as a kid. Some of us played baseball. Or rode bikes. Or played outside doing general

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The Process Of Process

Someone asked me about my writing process. Not sure who, but it was someone. My response was a simple, straightforward, and to the point, “Hmmmmmmm?” Yes, I used all the m’s in hmmmmmmm because I had to ponder said question.

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Goodbye, Brody. (2004-2016)

A writer writes, but sometimes we take a break to remember those things that we hold dear, like dogs. I shall not extol the marvelous talents of my pitbull. Yes. YES I WILL. Okay, it’s not like he was classically

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What Motivates You To Write?

People, I’ve been asked a question. It’s a deep, thought-provoking sonofabitch too. In fact, I had to sit down and do something difficult – think. The question addressed, and which took me aback: “What motivates you to write?” The audacity

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Shit I internetted

When it comes to Internetting shit, I’m not saying I’m leading the way, but it’s some strange – very strange – shit indeed. Herein lies the far reaches of the Internet and cyber universe of which I have traversed endlessly

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Why Resolutions Are BULLSHIT; No Star Wars Spoilers (And Other Various Ramblings)

Forgive my prattle. A preamble, if I may. A resolution for a writer is a setup for failure and writers fail enough; therefore, FUCK THE RESOLUTION. Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, I just…yeah, actually I did mean to. The

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