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You Are Commanded To Write Thusly. Or Whatever.

Very recently I wrote The Writing Commandments For Self as a guide for writer self-preservation. It’s there for writers’ to stop beating themselves up over their writing. It got me to thinking, yeah, I do it on occasion. Anyway, thinking…

The Writing Commandments For Self

Nope. No one called out to me. I didn’t hallucinate after desert ‘shrooms. I didn’t hear a voice that may or may not have been there. I didn’t trek up some godforsaken mountain in the middle of the sun-scorched, swampass

20 Reasons Why You’re Writing Might Not Get Done

You’ve been watching the Olympics and now you’re thinking, yeah, I will look good in a swim brief. No. No you won’t. And, you’re welcome. Leave it to the athletic professionals. That’s not the only information I’m here to give.

The Constitution + Guns + Religion = Orlando Or Anywhere Else. Anytime.

Pick a spot on this Earth. There’s religion clasping its grabby little hands on the edges and poking its head around every corner. There’s guns, too. All sizes and types. There barrels at the aim. Triggers erect and ready for

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Writing With Confidence Because ALI

I had a different idea for this post. It was going to go in a completely different direction. Like a 360° spin, go back 360°, and then take a 180° and exit. But… Shit does indeed happen. With the passing

Will My Character Be Dead Without Agency? (And What The Hell Is Character Agency Anyway?)

I met with a friend the other night and we got to talking about events in one’s life perhaps changing as a direct result of altering one choice or decision. In essence, and metaphorically, the butterfly effect. Without the complete chaos

The Blank Page Can Suck It

The other day I wrote about The Process you can find it here. It got me to thinking and wondering, back off, I CAN do both, back to a college creative writing class where the prof had us write to

Why Strong, Lead female Protagonists Are A Good Thing

While I do not, I’ll repeat that, I DO NOT have the full answer to my own blog, I will attempt the following without dismembering said self through a jackfucked example. Herein, I shall explain Why Strong, Lead Female Protagonists Are

Dear Superhero Movies: NO MAS

Please no more. At least for a while anyway. Maybe take a year hiatus. Let us catch up. Not all of us read comics as a kid. Some of us played baseball. Or rode bikes. Or played outside doing general

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The Process Of Process

Someone asked me about my writing process. Not sure who, but it was someone. My response was a simple, straightforward, and to the point, “Hmmmmmmm?” Yes, I used all the m’s in hmmmmmmm because I had to ponder said question.

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