Cover for Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality

It’s here! It’s here! Run for cover.


Let me know what you think. There might be a slight change, but you won’t even notice. OR, will you?

Guess you’ll have to dig in your deep pockets for the money to buy the book. Crack the rusty zipper on that billfold, get out that creaky wallet (yeah, that one with the condom outline should probably be tossed – pun intended), look under the car seat, or rob a bank – your kid’s piggy bank – to get the cash to dole out for the written classic. AND, YES, it’s that good that it’s already a classic. Look, we could debate this all day, but don’t question me. Take my word for it. I’d only lie to you if I had to do it.

2 Comments on “Cover for Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality

  1. Great job Chris, I’m looking forward to the book, if its anything like your blog posts & interview, it will be a classic…

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