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Politics Versus Fiction And Why The Pres Is Like A Writer, But Not

Politics are like a coronal mass ejection from the sun – no one wants it. It’s a seed that sometimes grows and blossoms, while other times it fails and remains stagnant while hiding in the ground never to prosper. And

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When The Writer Doesn’t Know And Other Super Dynamic Shit

Uncertainty is like creeping death. It rips at our sanity, gently pulling it from us with icy phalanges, aided by our lingering self-doubt. We write. We edit. We write some more. We edit a lot more. Then we do this

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Sex Eggs

If you love eggs, this is your bag right here. If you’re looking for a writing gem of useless information, that’ll be back in due time. Due time. I know what you’re asking, “But Chris, what fresh hell is this?”

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It’s Easy To Confuse A Bearcat With A Wildcat…Huh?

**Super very first side note: Yeah, this has nothing to do with writing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It does, however, have musings about weird shit linked to NCAA team names. Worker guy: “Where’s Hank?” Boss man: “He’s pretending to be sick so

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Bloggity Blog Blog Fuckin’ Bloggity Blog

As writers, ideas should  come to us; just pop into our oversized heads. They should be all we think about, right? WRONG! Very. Fucking. Wrong. Granted, my last writing blog was about where ideas do come from for writers. That

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Here’s Some Interesting, Maybe Scary, Shit I’ve Asked Google This Week

The top 10 things I’ve Googled this week. Because, I use to Yahoo!…uh, I got nothin’. And, well, it’s just way more cooler than Binging it. Or anything. Ever. Don’t Bing. It’s annoying. Always. Okay, how about we all sit

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Inkslingers & Java: Misconceptions, Truths Or Whatever

Are we gonna pretend this isn’t happening? You know, The Epidemic. Where’d this love affair start? We would have to go all the way back to the mid sixteen hundreds to find the first literary reference to coffee being consumed

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The Eyeball Says It All – Or Does it? Maybe It Says Much More.

There’s a lot to be said about a person’s eyes. No, really. A lot. And, I’m not just talking about the health perspective. The eye, as someone said, is the window to the soul. So, apparently, my soul is blue?

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