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Get The Dread Out Of Your Writing: No Info Dumping

I have been asked, “What’s the best way to add information pertinent to the story without loading it with excessive narration? Should I place it at the beginning? Yeah, that’s probably where, right?” “No.” “Then where? If it’s important to

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To Copyright Or Not To Copyright

Surely, Shakespeare would have asked the same question. It is, after all, very important. As writers, he tirelessly hammer away at our keyboards, poking at the keys hoping to create the best prose we can make up with our vivid

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Idea Machine Part Deux

I recently wrote about how I get the ideas for the stories I write. I mentioned that they come from the world around me; from observance; and, from simply being part of the vastness we call THE UNIVERSE. I said

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The Idea Machine Rolls Into My Head

I’ve often been asked where I get the ideas for some of the outrageous content that I write. “Hey, where’d you get that idea for the story where that one person does that thing to the other person with that

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Adverbs: Use Em’, Like Em’, Loathe Em’?

Sometimes I just wanna say, “Fuck you! I write with adverbs.” Most times, I say, “Yes. Adverbs in writing are not always needed. I’ll take a look at that. Thanks,” while looking down and sobbing as drops smear my writing,

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I Shouldn’t Use You. I Can’t. I won’t.

Please, a moment of silence: it was good for a stretch. We had our moment, but we both knew it couldn’t last. I don’t deserve you… you’re too good for me. I need space. You should be with someone who

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Use Of Vocabulary In Writing

“One of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary, looking for long words because you’re maybe a little bit ashamed of your short ones.” -Stephen King “Use of profanity does not

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Social Media: Needed? Necessary? Optional? Part 3

Here it is, last one in the series. So, to those of you who write, Facebook friends, friends of friends, followers of this blog, those who know stuff, users of Social Media: is Social Media needed, necessary, or optional? As

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Writing Help – Here. There. Everywhere. Always.

We’ve all been there, stuck. Not a fucking thought in our head. Our protagonist is in complete and utter limbo. Does he jump? Does he run? Does he kill? Just what the hell does that asshole do? I don’t know.

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