The Eyeball Says It All – Or Does it? Maybe It Says Much More.

IMG_4314There’s a lot to be said about a person’s eyes. No, really. A lot. And, I’m not just talking about the health perspective. The eye, as someone said, is the window to the soul.

So, apparently, my soul is blue? Hmmm.

The eye is an organ and a muscle. But, we’re not here for a biology lesson and NO ONE is dissecting my goddamn eyeball. So, pack up that teasing needle, tweezers, and scalpel you instinctively reached…Wait, why the hell do you have a scalpel anyway?

I have been asked about that eyeball, mine, in unpleasant terms. People have used words like disturbing, creepy, unsettling, weird, and even my favorite, bulbous.

Ha, absurd prattlers.

Wait, really, bulbous? No, I mean, really?

Yet, others have said that they like the blueness in my eye. Now, that’s super fucking creepy, but hey, who am I too judge. Thanks?

Someone on The Twitter asked if I was a floating eye. And, yes, in fact, I am a floating eye hovering above all.

Okay, you caught me. I’m not a flying eyeball, looming about or vacillating for enjoyment. I thought, you know – I know, there I went thinking ‘n shit – that the omnipresence of the oculus was perfect for my persona of individuality. Anonymity. Complete facelessness.

Think of the eyeball AVI as a shift in senses. Sure, you’re attracted to it at first, then you look deeper into it and, hey, it is disturbing. With the eye, you feel as if you know me. You see deeper than the looks of the author. You…

Okay, okay, I’m not fooling anyone here. What if I said that it’s not even my eye? What if I have no eyes?

I chose the eyeball because…

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