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If you don’t have an ultimate fucking notes page, you best get one real quick.


It’s me.

I’m right here, crawling through your Internet grabbing 1’s and 0’s along the way shoveling them into my mouth like Pac-Man of yesteryear. Ohh, I’m grabbing other things, too. Those will allow me to enter your mind, zoom around, and ooze out your ear like a dead slug. Soon you’ll realize your gray matter is decreased. Nay, gone.

Now, a quick writing update: 7 Sins is dancing along, albeit alone, for now. I have set it aside to work on shorts but go back to it with notes, more notes, some more notes, and alas, more fucking notes. It’s all about notes over here. Notes. Notes. Notes. They’re literally everywhere on what else, a Notes app. But hey, getting away from something is always good, especially in writing. We go back with a new perspective, more ideas, and see and read what we wrote more clearly.

I was doing an fiction anthology of Nine Eleven, but that too, got pushed aside. Well, not so much aside, as sunk. Deep. What the group hoped to have done by now got off the ground, hovered briefly, struggled with broken wings, then fell flat like a big shitty pancake. I’ll say that the pandemic happening right when we started didn’t help. But then again, what did it help. HOWEVER, I don’t mind and have five characters to use elsewhere OR continue the story, as I have been anyway. It might wiggle its way into a different project. HINT: read below.

Years ago, I undertook a Post Apocalyptic adventure in writing. It turned out terribly. Waited-until-the-last-minute-kinda stuff. And it showed. Poor writing. Bad setup. Piece-o-shit. BUT, I never left that story. It too, takes on notes, on occasion. It’s my Everest and lemme tell ya, Everest, it’s a motherfucker. That will get finished and be part of a book of post apocalyptic shorts. Yes, there’ll be destruction. Sure, people will survive. And yeah, people WILL die. Duh. Oh, there’s also monkey shit. Literally.

For now, if you’re bored and still partaking in Quarantimes, there’s a few shorts here. I’ll update soon with more.

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