Social Media: Needed? Necessary? Optional? Part 3

Social Media

Here it is, last one in the series. So, to those of you who write, Facebook friends, friends of friends, followers of this blog, those who know stuff, users of Social Media: is Social Media needed, necessary, or optional?

As writers, it takes us away from what we do, writing. As an online socialite, it affords you the one thing you desperately desire, virtual socializing. As a follower of all things awesome, it allows you the chance to follow things, events, people, and of course, this blog. And, as a knower of the stuff, you can learn, well, more stuff.

Grab a chair. This will shock you senseless. It’s a game-changer as they say – not even sure who they is, but rest assured dammit, it sure as hell is somebody.

Are you ready? Think you can handle it? Let’s all take a collective deep breath, shake out our hands, and move our necks from side-to-side. UGH! Here we go…

Social Media is a huge—fucking—time—suck. Period. Yes. Yes. Yes! Release said breath. Ahhhhhhhhh!

For writers, here are a few reasons why Social Media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And, before some teacher gets all pissy, YES, I know damn well that I started that sentence with a preposition. It’s my sentence.

1. My complete fuckery with Facebook, or as I call it, Satan.
Don’t get me wrong, it was the “Hey, it’s me, not you.” quandary. Sure, I may have done it incorr…ya know what, who cares. It’s no big deal. Point is, Facebook, Twitter, any Social Media format takes time. That’s time away from writing.

2. It detracts from our writing. Hmmm. Just said that.
Yeah, I know. Someone is saying right now, “Well, if you’re writing this—these words right here, then you’re writing aren’t you?” Duh. No shit. Of course this is writing. It’s just not the kind that goes between a front and back cover.

3. I’m just not that clever.
Okay, you’re right. I’m being way too hard on myself. Yes, of course I’m clever—ish. Even smart in some circles. Yeah, okay, not many, but there a few. Maybe. WHATEVER!

Coming up with wise little anecdotes for Social Media is really, really hard work. No. Really. Hard work. Sure, I could just retweet or post quotes like many others, but nay I say. Nay! We write. We want to be sarcastic, witty, and ingenious. We want originality.

Some people live on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. I don’t have time to live there. I live elsewhere.

I came across a post by Edan Lupecki. She has an interesting take on removing ourselves from the traps that be Social Media. Check out her thoughts.

I’m reminded of something another writer told me. When I expressed my trepidation with Social Media at the massive amount of time it took, she said, “Congratulations! You’re officially a writer! Yours is a common lament. What do all of these bits of random language and artificial connections have to do with writing? They do a very good job at keeping us from doing it.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

So, I ask again, Social Media: Needed? Necessary? Optional? I’m interested in hearing from you. This is where you scroll down, yup, there. About two inches. And give your comments. Go ahead. It won’t hurt. No one will bite you. That’s a different site entirely.

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