Social Media: Needed? Necessary? Optional Part 2 (short and sweet!)


So there I was, zooming through cyberspace, hitting all the good spots –
Facebook my new author page Goodreads, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn and sites to remain unmentioned. They were good. Trust me!

Then it hit me. Whammo! I needed to create yet ANOTHER Social Media page. Dammit! When does the insanity end? That’s rhetorical, by the way. But, I think the real answer is…NEVER! It never ends. And, it will never end.

I was informed that my regular Facebook page was just a normal, everyday, run of the mill Facebook page. One that the average Joe or Jane could complete in order to have a cyber presence. “BUT WAIT,” I yelled. “It’s just not fair. Shit. Okay-okay. How do I make another page?”

I was quickly corrected. “You don’t make a page. You create it.”

Well, excuuuuuusssse me. Ladedada.

I had no idea and I certainly did not mean to offend with my average sized brain. I mean, after all, who would know all these things of Internet Universe? Google didn’t tell me. It wasn’t on Wikipedia. I asked my dog, but he just gave me that look. Yeah, that one. His big pit bull head just staring at me. When is it feed me time? The pose

I love him to death, but let’s face it: Facebook, the Internet, yeah, it’s just not his forte. He means well though.

So, I guess I have to appeal to the masses, and please allow me to apologize in advance for this: GO TO MY NEW FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE AND LIKE ME. I mean, really LIKE me. Tell everyone. Except my dog. He’s excited about it, but he secretly does’t really care. Hey, what can I say? He’s a dog.

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