Super Better Revised Version – I’m getting out. In public. Unleashed. Or unchained. Whatever. Find me.

Twisted Sanity UpdatedATTENTION thrill seekers and literary experts. Oh, and all other types too. I was trying to be swift – fast like a cheetah – in getting out a post about a book signing event. However, I may have overlooked one detail. THE FUCKING DATE. Well, give them information I was told.

Here it is: Book signing in Phoenix at Squash Blossoms at 705 N 1st Street from 7-10 PM on FRIDAY, November 1st. That’s Tomorrow. Maybe today, depends on when you actually read this revised blabber.

Okay, on with the show below…

See that? Right to the left. Yeah, that. Want one? No, I mean do you really, seriously want one? Sure, I know, I know, who doesn’t. Got it.

Well, sit down for this one. It’s hefty.
They’re letting me out. I mean, in public. For real. I’m not sure who the “they” actually is, but I’ll be out. Lurking.
No. Wait a second. *shakes own head in disgust*
Lurking is not the proper word here.
I’ll be out and about? Hmmm. I can do better. * rolls eyes in more disgust*
I’ll be walking the streets. *slaps self across face in even more disgust*
Nope. Definitely not.
Uh, I’ll be selling shit and devaluing said shit with my signature. *congratulatory air high five to self, because of awesome*
Yeah. That works.
I’ll be signing the shit outta copies of my book, Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality, in downtown Phoenix at Squash Blossoms at 705 N 1st Street from 7-10 PM on FRIDAY, November 1st.
There might be unicorns. Maybe even unobtainium. Many, many books too. Don’t forget the books. Come. Check it out.
I’ll know you’re there. No, not because of your mouth breathing, but because you’ll be the one chanting, “Oogachaka oogachaka oogachaka.”
All the cool people will be doing it. And, who doesn’t want to be cool?
Three quick reasons to attend:
1. Check out my blatant misuse of the English language
2. Other word-herders will be present
3. All the glorious reading book things for purchase and signing by many authors
So, Lift your head. Take a breath. Smell the possibilities.
If you’re teetering halfway between fuck it and never mind, stop on by anyway.
If you’re a misguided misanthrope, this might not be your thing, but fuck it, come anyway.
Find me. I’ll be the one guarded by killer unicorns. They may or may not be invisible, so look really hard. C’mon, who doesn’t love a good unicorn?
*toldja there’d be unicorns*
I better see you there!

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