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Extra! Extra! Read All About It – Free Shit Available!!

Beginning July 9th through July 11th, my book, Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality is free for Kindle download. I’m going to take you through the easy five-step process to success: 1. Go and check it out, here 2. Grab the

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Writing Help – Here. There. Everywhere. Always.

We’ve all been there, stuck. Not a fucking thought in our head. Our protagonist is in complete and utter limbo. Does he jump? Does he run? Does he kill? Just what the hell does that asshole do? I don’t know.

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The Update

So, hey, I may have prematurely spewed out some information before actually checking what my fingers were typing. Those damn fingers. On behalf of THEM, I apologize. Tell ya what, I’ll either cut one off or reprimand them very harshly.

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Cover for Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality

It’s here! It’s here! Run for cover. Let me know what you think. There might be a slight change, but you won’t even notice. OR, will you? Guess you’ll have to dig in your deep pockets for the money to

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