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Author Of Fight Princess M.S. Kaye Interviewed!

The Twittersphere connects me with so many people. Granted, most seem crazy, drunk, psychotic, or a raveling combination of the three. They are people nonetheless and we’ve made a connection. I’m not one-hundred percent sure what that says about me,

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I Shouldn’t Use You. I Can’t. I won’t.

Please, a moment of silence: it was good for a stretch. We had our moment, but we both knew it couldn’t last. I don’t deserve you… you’re too good for me. I need space. You should be with someone who

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The Art Of The Critique And Other Essential Babbling Bullshit

Is your ugly writing? Is it confusing like the last sentence? Are you ugly? Wait, scratch that last question. We already know the answer. As writers we need, no, require feedback. A proper critique keeps us in line. It tells

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