What’s in your CrazyMind?

And before you ask, NO I will not pen a story where your mother-in-law ends up dead. It’s not gonna happen so don’t ask. Think it maybe; ask, no. Besides, I might like your mother-in-law. You should grow to like her too. She’s good people.

This is a section for you to offer any brief thoughts or ideas that you may want to see written in a story. Keep it somewhat clean. I’m talkin’ to you perverts. Hopefully it’s an original. Your idea could end up in a flash fiction story on this very website. Think of all of the fame and riches that…will not follow.

Also, I already wrote one story about necrophilia so… If you read it and liked it, great. If you read it and said, “Hell, I can definitely relate to that!” then be sure to stay far, far, far, far, and just one more, far away from regular people. Far away!

You—necrophiliac—in the white 1980s van, FAR AWAY!

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