What Motivates You To Write?

motivationPeople, I’ve been asked a question. It’s a deep, thought-provoking sonofabitch too. In fact, I had to sit down and do something difficult – think.

The question addressed, and which took me aback: “What motivates you to write?”

The audacity of that single loaded question rattled in my skullbox.

I mean, I’ve been asked before how I write and my answer was simple: I sit in front of my Mac and peck at the keys hoping some shit will be good. It’s like literally throwing word vomit on the screen and wishing for sentences.

But, this new question…

I dunno.

It makes me shake and quiver. It gets me all giggly inside too. It makes me feel, I dunno, weird.

I’ve concluded by logical deduction that my motivation for writing is apparently is a four-walled box.

Here then are my top four motivations for writing:

1. A Fuck Bucket Of More. Always More And More. 

My primary motivation for writing is that I get a good idea in my brainspace and like a demonic possession it needs to get the hell out, exorcist style. Yes, my head turns three-sixty and green chunkyjuice spews from my lips and then my hands move with alternate speed and words happen. Hey, it’s a process, so…

2. Make My Stuff Better Than A Crappy Book I’ve Read.

The motivation for my first book, Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality came from reading a shitty book where a close friend told me, “Hey, you can write better than that.”

I was like, “Fuck yeah I can.”

And I did.

*pats self on the back because no one else will because writer*

3. Finish My Shit.

Motivation now comes from wanting to finish my shit. I have stories that need to be completed, words and thoughts and thingies that need a place to be put; smashed onto a white screen. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the thinkmachine. My fucking fingers only move so fast whilst hovering over the magic keys that make words.

4. Land That Sucker At The Hooves Of A Magical Unicorn.

I’ve been guilty – guilty? perhaps, nay, not the correct word, but fuck it – of saying that it only takes the right person, one person to read your story and want to run with it.

Run where, you ask?

Well okay, you didn’t ask, but you will. YOU WILL.

So, another motivation is that a story might land in the right hands. Maybe some dudes named, say like, Quentin Tarantino or Richard Rodriguez, or whomever-the-fuck has a twisted mind for movies.

Coincidentally, you should check out the movies by Whomever-The-Fuck. Good stuff.

There it is, my motivations for writing. Now go forth and find your very own writerly motivation. So, if you’ll excuse me, I shall shout and ramble into the void whilst writing words in a sequence.

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