Writing With Confidence Because ALI

Even this person had confidence in writing "SOTP"
Even this person had confidence in writing “SOTP”
I had a different idea for this post. It was going to go in a completely different direction. Like a 360° spin, go back 360°, and then take a 180° and exit.


Shit does indeed happen.

With the passing of the greatest boxer of all time, a complete and gracious human being, a man that inspired others, and a great champion of a person, I thought this should be about being great, like Muhammad Ali.

Like him, many should aspire to be the greatest them they can be. I think we all worry too much about what we’ll have while alive; what we can buy with our money; what we can gain through being good; or, what will happen to our stuff when we die.

Instead, we should be thinking about what we can do for others while we’re alive; how we can help people; how we can use our resources to get things done for the betterment of humankind; and, how our life may impact people in a positive and meaningful way.

Ali represented more than boxing. He stood for his beliefs with respect to the outcome of said beliefs. He was courageous and had conviction to stand up for himself, and all people. He was a humanitarian and he transcended this strange thing we call life. He was larger than life. Bigger than any sport, any sports star, or any celebrity.

How’s this relate to writing?

It doesn’t really, but fuck it, ALI.

Hang on!

Actually, it does and here’s how: Writers can take note and fully appreciate that Ali approached every fight as a unique and creative challenge. He cultivated incalculable faith in himself, his training, his craft, and his work in order to solve his every challenge.

Writers are hit with challenges at every sentence and paragraph. It’s a tough task to meld those things, like pesky words, into meaningful and expressive sentences wedge-hammered in neat paragraphs within a book.

Allow your confidence to show in your writing and the swagger of your pen. Perseverance and confidence are two essential qualities for any writer. When you hammer keys with confidence, it shows in your wordslurry.

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