So my guy on the street – yeah, I have a guy out there, what’s the big deal? – found a few people who had some things to say about Twisted Sanity: Stories Beyond Reality. Now, my guy isn’t necessarily a reporter or anything official like that. He’s just a guy!

Actual fictitious quotes from somewhat real or unreal people who may or may not actually know how to read.

“Not since the Twilight Zone series have I seen such a wide variety of stories all linked together by a thread of sinister plot turns.”
Michael Bradley, author ofThe Travelers’ Club series.

“I have no idea how to even begin to describe WTF this is…”
-Shocked reader who obviously liked the book

“The single best book we’ve ever published, period.”
-fu-X Publishing Company

“It’s good shit!”
-Father Jerry

“It doesn’t not suck”.
-Writer of non-suckee stuff

“You should do whatever it is you gotta do to get a copy of this book. Steal one if you have to. Go ahead. No one’s looking.”
-Police Officer Darrel

“It’s like oxycodone, I just can’t get enough.”
-That twitchy guy hanging around on the corner near the alley

“Second best book ever!”
-Lady who wrote a better book

“He has mangled the English language perfectly to create stories of intrigue and disgust.”
-A former high school teacher serving time for “dating” a minor

“If you’re looking for that one book to take you to places you’ve never been, this is that book.”
-Actual real person

“If it’s warm sentiment and heartstring tugging you’re wanting, this is definitely not the book for you.”

“You know how you have that patio table that never sits quite right – one leg always seems shorter than the rest or it’s always on a wobbly angle? This book might just be your answer to level things out a bit.”
-That guy who used it to fix his wobbly patio table. Duh!

“Tell your friends. Tell you friends friends. Tell that annoying co-worker. Tell your prick of a boss. We all have one, whatever. They’ll all want this book in their collection.”
-Friend of a friend of one of those friends

“Zombies – check. Twists – check. Suspense – check. Necrophilia – What the hell? – check. It has things your imagination will thank you for later.”
-Shifty eyes guy outside of Walgreens

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