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The Flashing

No, not the DC comics character. And NO, I’m not flashing anyone. Ever. Mostly, anyway. Flash Fiction. Not just really short fiction either. Flash fiction IS its own genre. I thought of the regular cliches when writing this: tell, don’t

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The Art Of Ambiguity

Which way does your writing go? I’ve said it before, Don’t be afraid to have an ambiguous ending. Allow the reader to imagine more; get all up in their kitchen and paint a picture in their headspace – and then

Writing IS Hard

I could just leave it at that. One singular sentence to sum up writing. Fits perfectly. Very apropos. But, no. There’s more. Lots more. It’s hard like getting out of bondage. Or a straight jacket. Or an insane asylum. For

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Today I Climb My Everest

I wanted to blog, then I didn’t. And this went round and round until, yeah, blog. I have reasons. Some real, others well… Anyway. Why the long road to blog? Because blogging takes work. It steals from other work. Writing

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The Desolate Road Is A Motherfucker

The writing… Hmmmm. Let’s just say that’s it’s been a desolate road. It twists. There are hairpin turns that’ll rip you apart from the g-forces, shredding flesh from bone. Your hope – to come out unscathed. A miraculous misgiving of nothingness

Crazy Skullfuckery Writing Truths (Lies)

Muahahaha!  Please consider that my solitary salute to Halloween.  Also, forewarning: all word salad henceforth WILL burst tour masturbatory bubble. And I shall shoot out the wisdom which I have learned through my very own work.  No ejaculatory response required.

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The Description Is In The Details And Serial Stuff

Hey peeps, I’ve been called out. Yes, me, yours truly. Another writer friend informed me that he has not seen a blog post from this very spot in, errrr, a long fucking while. I’d like to lie to you and

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When The Writer Must Write (Right Goddamn Now)

TAKE SOME TIME RIGHT NOW TO FUCKING WRITE I’m not wrong on this. A writer must take the time to write. Make time. Steal time. Do whatever the shit it is you gotta do to get writing done. Avoid the dreaded time-suck

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Voice Happens. Shit Too, But This Is All About The Voice.

It’s here somewhere. *looks under rug. moves couch. opens refrigerator. digs in garbage* Just because you don’t dig through your trash, doesn’t give you the right to judge me. Back off! Goddammit! “Come out, come out wherever you are.” Wait.

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The Unholy Adverb Is A Fucking Menace

“I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it from the rooftops.” – Stephen King Call me batshit crazy, but I agree. Well, most of the time. “In writing, the adverb is like sugar.

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