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When A Turkey Is Not A Turkey

Hey you. Psssssst! It’s me. Remember me? Yeah, it’s been a while. Too damn long, in fact. Like they say, the only thing that time creates is more time. Well, they don’t really say that. I do. And I just

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The Constitution + Guns + Religion = Orlando Or Anywhere Else. Anytime.

Pick a spot on this Earth. There’s religion clasping its grabby little hands on the edges and poking its head around every corner. There’s guns, too. All sizes and types. There barrels at the aim. Triggers erect and ready for

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Why Strong, Lead female Protagonists Are A Good Thing

While I do not, I’ll repeat that, I DO NOT have the full answer to my own blog, I will attempt the following without dismembering said self through a jackfucked example. Herein, I shall explain Why Strong, Lead Female Protagonists Are

Dear Superhero Movies: NO MAS

Please no more. At least for a while anyway. Maybe take a year hiatus. Let us catch up. Not all of us read comics as a kid. Some of us played baseball. Or rode bikes. Or played outside doing general

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Where I Get Real For One Goddamn Second… Just One

Some of my thoughts on Charlie Hebdo and terrorist scum. Next time you twist and weave then quilt together words into sentences and your thoughts wander and you mutter to yourself, “Nope. Can’t write that. It’s way too controversial. What’ll

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Dear So & So, Blah Blah Blah And Other Bullshit

“You give a lot of advice on how to be a better writer. Why should anyone take you seriously when you are the worst I have ever read?” – Avid Reader’s comment from 2/10/2014 “The beauty of the Internet is

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Oh Wow, Look, Another Fucking Blog Post About the 10 Words To Cut From Your Shitty Writing

It arrived today, about mid-morning, in my inbox. It screamed, “Holy shit! Look at me. I’m right here. See me.” There it was for the fuckteen zillionth time, Ten Words To Cut From Your Writing. I mean, seriously, c’mon already.

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